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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Whatever....A society onto itself, with its own laws?

These "Occupy" drones seem to go out of their way and make every effort to convince us relatively sane folks that they are nut jobs intent on destroying our society as we know it.

Lets have a look at one of their latest initiatives to make our society into a "better place". You might want to sit down when you read this one, it is beyond shocking what these fools will do or suggest in the name of their cause (has anyone actually determined what their cause is yet?).

Occupy Baltimore

This one is almost hard to believe, in fact when I first caught wind of it I reserved any comments until I had time to research it. What has come to light is a "Security Statement" that is being distributed by the Security Committee of Occupy Baltimore, that basically discourages victims of sexual abuse or assault occurring on the Occupy Baltimore "grounds" from reporting these crimes to the authorities. The statement goes onto describe the process that Occupy Baltimore will use when a an incident is reported to point person, Koala Largess. They’re setting up their own court system here, where apparently the ultimate punishment no matter the severity of the offense, is banishment from a tent city. What we are discussing here is a severe crime, a felony generally punishable by time in prison, not some minor infraction such as stepping on the sleeping bag of a fellow Occupy Drone.

It does not take a rocket scientist  to figure out why the Occupy Drones would prefer to sweep such violent incidents under the carpet by discouraging police involvement. If such incidents were reported and became public knowledge it would shatter the illusion they have worked so hard to maintain of their group standing arm in arm in solidarity and creating the perfect society. As well, while law enforcement has left these drones pretty much to themselves shivering in tents on public property, I suspect they would clean them out very quickly if these squatter settlements became violent crime havens. To be frank I am amazed this has not caught more press or been targeted by women's groups. After years of struggle with the legal system to ensure that the victims of sexual assault were treated with dignity and respect and not viewed in some perverse way as "bringing it on themselves", Occupy Baltimore is stepping back 50 years in time.

Here is the official Statement, read it in disbelieve (as I did)

I personally find it a moral outrage and disgusting, that a group would ignore a serious crime and a sexual assault on one of its own members simply to further its own cause. However this does define the type of individuals who are spearheading this movement. Read More Here 

To further shatter the illusion of "one for all and all for one" it appears that a sexual assault has been reported as occurring at Occupy Cleveland. Read More

Now to be fair, at this point this is an alleged sexual assault and police are investigating. However, if you ever question my use of the word "drone" for these protesters this should remove all doubt. What goes through the mind of a 19 year old female when a group of strangers instruct her to spend the night in a tent with a man she has never met? Now, please do not in any way, shape, or form read into this that I am laying blame on the victim for the assault. However, I do believe that it highlights that individuals involved in this mess tend to put aside their own common sense and good judgement and blindly follow instructions from the drones above, who in turn have abandoned all independent thought themselves .

It's interesting to note the amount of compassion that is conveyed towards the abuser in their published statement, particularly since they seem to have so little for the 1% they loathe so much.

"Sexual abuse and assault are dehumanizing acts for the survivor as well as the abuser"
"Occupy Baltimore will also work to supply the abuser with counseling resources to deal with their issues"

I on the other hand would suggest that any counseling resources these individuals need to deal with their issues can best be found behind bars. At the very least behind bars they might discover what it feels like to be the abused, rather than the abuser, a bit of poetic justice.

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