Where is modern civilization heading?

As a society are we heading in the same direction as the ancient Romans? If so the question becomes.......

Are our leaders fiddling while civilization burns?

While we ponder the question I will post my personal thoughts on this blog. Often I will focus on current events that catch my interest, however I am not and do not pretend to be a news organization. I'm simply a guy with his own thoughts on issues that I believe affect our country and society.

Be forewarned, I have been accused of being a right wing thinker and if that is offensive please move on. Remember, this is my blog and my opinions, and unlike many facets of our already over-governed modern society they are not being forced on anyone.

However, please feel free to leave your comments, good, bad or indifferent, after all this is a free society we live in (at least for now).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Could the medias double standard be any more apparent?

Most of us have been following the recent Phil Robertson/ Duck Dynasty saga to some degree or another. I view it as not much more than a flash in the pan, a couple of weeks or months down the road I suspect it will be off the front pages, no longer a topic of conversation at the water cooler, and the Robertson's will have reaped millions in free publicity. What I do find interesting is the increasing frequency that the traditional media and special interest groups target their focus on certain individuals, while giving others who behave no better a free pass.

Take Phils's recent comments, they were made in an interview with GQ magazine in response to his religious beliefs. In discussing homosexuality he referred to it as sinful and likened it to, drunkenness, bestiality, promiscuity, and terrorism (his words, not mine). I have to admit I personally don't see the connection to any of these behaviors and I find the comment "off the wall" to say the least, but Phil is certainly entitled to his opinions. He further elaborated that he thought being gay was “illogical” by questioning in anatomical terms a homosexuals preference for particular parts of the human body over others.

Now let's face it, this was by no definition an interview that should be given a gold seal for tolerance and understanding, nor one I would suggest my offspring watch. It is simply an individuals personal opinion based on their own interpretation of their religious beliefs. At no point did the man go into a hate filled tirade, or suggest any action be taken against those he was referring to. To my knowledge no one is forced to accept these comments as gospel nor watch the television show in question.

However, now we have a witch hunt with many of the more Liberal leaning and special interest groups screaming for Phil's head. A&E, the network that broadcasts Duck Dynasty has made what they consider a politically correct move and catered to the LGBT crowd by indefinitely suspending Phil from Duck Dynasty.

Funny though, Phil's comments are in many ways no worse than what comes out of the mouths of other celebrities or politicians on a daily basis, yet often if the individual is of the Democrat persuasion or a minority they are given a free pass.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The blinders are starting to come off.....maybe

It appears that the love affair between President Obama and many of his loyal supporters is going through a shaky period. For the last 5 years in the eyes of many on the Left their savoir Mr Obama could do no wrong, broken campaign promises, stepping outside the Constitution, throwing gas on the fires of bipartisanship, political scandals, or stumbling on foreign policy, none of this seemed to matter to those that drank the Progressive "kool-aid". He was "the man" who would take them to the promised land.

The poor economic performance under his stewardship was defended by his supporters as something he inherited from the previous president, failure to fulfill campaign promises was blamed on an obstructionist Congress, and occasionally when things got really dire for the President the "race card" was pulled out (Thank You, Oprah). To a large degree what allowed this charade to continue was the outright refusal of Liberal media to out this guy and hold his feet to the fire. Obama was given a free pass by traditional print, television, and radio like no President since Kennedy who the press lauded as a "family man" while every reporter who could draw a breath knew he had a revolving door of models and actresses at his beck and call. Now to be fair, Kennedy's era was a gentler, politer time that held a higher respect for the office and man when it came to reporting on the President.  However that time has come and gone, the media has for most segments of society taken the kids gloves off and in today's world little is sacred when it comes to getting a story and boosting ratings. Add to that the explosion of on-line news, blogs, twitter, etc., where nothing political is taboo and one can only wonder in amazement how Obama with his lackluster performance has avoided being tarred and feathered by the press.

Canada Post's Christmas Gift, Equality for all Canadians!

It's been a number of months since I have felt the need to post an article on this blog. But lo and behold a long term injustice in Canadian life has finally been rectified and today is cause for celebration by millions of us Canadians who have had to "suffer" under it.

So what horrible injustice finally got me back in front of a keyboard and fired up enough to let the world know how I feel? Was this injustice perpetrated by a greedy private corporation focused on putting profits before individuals, or a segment of society desperately clinging to a way of life or prejudices that have no place in today's world? While it may be easy to assume as much, sadly that is not the case.

For the last quarter of a century or so, I and millions of my fellow Canadians have been treated as second class citizens by Canada Post,  a crown corporation that is owned by and exists to serve all Canadians. What was this "horrific treatment" we have been forced to endure?