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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Surely this guy does not represent the future of our society......

We all have heard phrases like
"The youth of today are the future of tomorrow" or "Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders"
If there is any truth to these statements at all I wouldn't expect things to get better anytime soon based on these two videos from the Occupy Wallstreet protest nonsense.

Here is a classic, this individual is involved in the protests and has no clue what exactly he is supporting. However he does provide valuable insight into a number of things
  • That an IQ test is not part of the requirement to carry a poorly worded protest sign.
  • That a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  • Just because you you want to further your education does not mean you have the "grey matter" to do so.
  • That the "Nanny State" is alive and well.
Watch and judge for yourself.

Now let's clarify some numbers that came up in this interview, the 40% the interviewer referred to is actually the percentage of all federal income tax collected that is paid by the top 1% of wage earners! That's right, 1% of the entire population pays 40% (well actually closer to 39%) of the personal income tax collected in the United States. Here's some more stats for the year 2008 courtesy of  the National Taxpayers Union

Top 1%   of wage earners pay  38.02%  of all Federal Income Tax Collected
Top 5%   of wage earners pay  58.72%  of all Federal Income Tax Collected
Top 10% of wage earners pay  69.94%  of all Federal Income Tax Collected
Top 25% of wage earners pay  86.34%  of all Federal Income Tax Collected
Top 50% of wage earners pay  97.30%  of all Federal Income Tax Collected
Last, and in this particular case "certainly least"
Bottom 50% of wage earners pay 2.70% of all Federal Income Tax Collected

So the next time someone like our young friend in the above video proceeds to tell you that the "rich" don't pay their fair share  you can quote these numbers to them.

I enjoyed the above video so much I just could not resist posting this one as well. Now this guy is probably a bit brighter than the first in that he makes a couple of statements that I certainly would not argue with.


  • "When we're in school I feel like we don't learn anything".
    I have to agree with him on that, in fact as he continues to speak he removes all doubt.
  • " No one has ever listened to me, no one has ever understood what I believe in"
    I suspect the reason for that is self explanatory.

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