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Are our leaders fiddling while civilization burns?

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I AGREE! It's time the 1% listened to the 99%

Since the Occupy Wallstreet movement started approximately 2 months ago we have heard a lot of talk about the 1% of the population that is set apart from the other 99% and plays by it's own rules. The feeling is that this 1% does not pay its fair share to support society, considers itself morally superior to the rest of us, often receives preferential treatment from different levels of government, and has our elected officials under its thumb. Time and time again we see protesters carrying signs, standing on podiums preaching to crowds, or being interviewed by the media. The message is generally focused on the 1% and all of the injustice they are responsible for.

Well I tend to agree. When 1% of a societies population is not obeying the rules and in turn causing grief for the other 99% something must be done, no elite group should be allowed through their actions to disrupt the economy or society. The fact that as a society we stand idly by and allow this level of selfishness to continue is a sad statement.

So as you see I am in complete agreement with the Occupy Movement on this particular issue. However...

Where we disagree is on the issue of who makes up the 1%, the Occupy Movement would have us believe that it is the wealthiest 1% of our population. You know the individuals that have risked capital and worked hard to achieve personal wealth and along the way generally created  hundreds of thousands of jobs, the same ones that pay 38% of all personal income tax collected in the United States. On the other hand when I refer to the 1% that is causing all the grief I am referring directly to the Occupy Drones themselves! Yes I know, they would have us believe that they constitute part of the 99% and speak on it's behalf, but I beg to differ.

Now listen up Drones..... If the rest of us carried on in the same manner as the you do both the economy and society in general would truly collapse.

  • While you are busy carrying signs and making speeches, we are holding down jobs.
  • While you are suggesting ways to avoid paying back student loans or other debt you have voluntarily incurred, we are making monthly mortgage payments, car payments, and generally adhering to the terms of borrowing we agreed to in good faith.
  • While you are squatting on and destroying private and public property we are following the laws society has in place to ensure we can all live together.
  • While you are through your actions and complete disregard for those around you placing an enormous strain on our police forces, fire departments, civil servants, and our court system we are paying taxes and footing the bill for your stupidity and selfishness.
So as far as your considering yourself part of our 99% , frankly the vast majority of us don't want you. Personally I would rather have the 1% that you revile so much as part of our group, at least we don't have to clean up after them.

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