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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I hope this doesn't get around, but I agree with the NDP

On Tuesday, January 10 2012, backbencher NDP MP Lise St-Denis announced she's was crossing the floor to the Liberals. The MP for Saint-Maurice-Champlain, Quebec said she broke with the New Democrats over a number of policies, and stated she felt the Liberals had the experience and policies to better represent the interests of the people in her riding.

"I didn't imagine I could stay there for three years just listening to options I didn't believe in," she said.

Now while I can fully understand anyone having a hard time listening to the opinions voiced  by the NDP, I fail to see how crossing the floor to sit with the Liberals provides the lady with much of a change. On top of that was she not aware of NDP policies before she ran for the party? If not the NDP better take a serious look at how they qualify potential candidates.

However lets set that aside for a moment and discuss what really irks me about this situation, her changing parties mid stride. The problem I have is why any elected official Federally or Provincially is allowed to cross the floor during their term of office. Don't get me wrong, if an elected official becomes disillusioned with his party or feels they are moving in a direction that is not in line with their own beliefs, I have NO problem their changing their affiliation and running under a different parties banner at the time of the NEXT election. That provides the voter the opportunity to decide on the party or the "man" when casting their ballot.

Our system of government determines the ruling party based on the number of seats held,  the party with the most seats (a clear majority) becomes the governing party, in turn the leader of that party becomes Prime Minister. Pretty simple in theory. As such, many of the electorate vote for a party, not the individual in a Federal election. That is why in so many a riding you can run and elect a monkey if they are wearing the right colour (MP St-Denis is apparently the classic example of this in action). Politicians are aware of this and use it to their full advantage whenever possible.

Now, MP St-Denis is more aware of this than most as she proves with her statement that she never expected to be caught up in the NDP's so-called orange wave that swept Quebec in the 2011 election, bolstered by the late Jack Layton's popularity. "They voted for Jack Layton," St-Denis stated "Jack Layton is dead."

So if MP St-Denis is aware that the only reason that the electorate supported her was due to her party affilation where does she come off jumping ship to the Liberals? As a voter, I find it offensive. The underlying theory in casting your vote for an individual is that you feel they (or more specifiably their party) shares your beliefs and ideas about what government policy should look like.

Now here is the part where I agree wholeheartedly with the NDP (hard to believe I actually said that).

The NDP has pushed to ban floor-crossings in the House of Commons and has challenged St-Denis to step down and run as a Liberal in a by-election in her riding. Naturally, St-Denis has ruled out the possibility of  running in a by-election. After all she already has the seat, what does she care if she obtained it under false pretenses. "Changing party affiliation is blunt disrespect for democracy," said NDP MP Guy Caron.( you have that right Guy!)

On a last note, do any of us actually expect our MP's to have a respect for democracy and the trust we as voters place in them. Probably not, we have simply seen them take advantage of the situation too many times.


  1. Jeez Frustrated Joe,
    When I read the title of this post you had me worried, I thought that maybe you had "crossed the floor" to the darkside. Good thing I took the time to read it, bad thing is I now find myself agreeing with the NDP (at least on this one.

    Keep up the good work, you make me laugh at time and and angry at other, but its all good. I least I can say I am informed.

    A reader and fellow Conservative

  2. No fears, no Darkside or "crossing the floor" for me. I am Right wing all the way, Remember, "Right is Right and Left is just Wrong".

    Take care and thanks for your support and comments


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