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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Volt Obummer", An appropriate re-election slogan for November 2012

Back In December of 2011 we featured an article about the Chevy Volt that questioned the insanity behind the massive government subsidies (between $200K and $250K per vehicle) being provided to General Motors to produce a vehicle that consumers are not buying. Well three months later not much has changed, the subsidies are still being given out by the American taxpayer courtesy of President Obummer, unit sales are far below initial numbers predicted by GM and have been downgraded again for 2012, and there are still reports of Volts catching on fire. So when I stumbled across this ad parody for the Volt I just knew I has to pass it on. It comes to us courtesy of the folks at bailoutcost.com, a group that is promoting awareness of the real cost of the GM bailout. Enjoy... I sure did.

Now if I can just find such an ad parody for solar panels produced by Solynda, another company that received massive bailout subsides (upwards of $500 Million) from Obummer and his cronies and promptly went bankrupt virtually before the ink had dried on the bailout agreement.

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