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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Renovating the den, while he kitchen is on fire. Part 2

In Part One I discussed how our governments in both Canada and the United
States for all intents and purposes are simply ignoring the massive debts they are incurring. Sure, once in a while they pay lip service to the debt, but generally it is placed on the back burner. I detailed my thoughts on this in Part One, and since that time I have seen some classic examples of our elected officials focusing on minor issues and treating them as if they had the potential to change civilization.

Here is a real doozie!

It appears that both the American Congress and Senate are up in arms over the fact that the uniforms of the U.S. Olympic Team were manufactured in China. In fact a bill was introduced in the Senate that if passed, would require the US Olympic Committee (USOC) to outfit Olympic athletes in ceremonial uniforms "sewn or assembled in the United States."

Let me get this straight, in the midst of what could possibly be considered the second worst financial crisis in American history (a close second right after the Great Depression) and at a time when government spending is spiraling out of control, it appears that the biggest concern of these elected officials is who did the sewing for Team USA! One can only imagine what this is costing the American taxpayer to have these individuals sit around and discuss the rag trade. I'm not making this up, trust me I am not that creative to imagine such stupidity. Sure, I realize that the uniforms are just a symptom of the bigger problem, the outsourcing of American jobs. However, that horse has left the barn!

What is interesting about this whole farce is that the uniforms were designed Ralph Lauren, Ralph who never misses an opportunity to display his logo made sure that it was prominent on the uniforms. In addition most the the garb is splattered with corporate advertising. Amongst this commercial bastardization of the Olympic tradition we have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi screaming for blood over who did the stitching! Its amazing that these two actually found time to take their faces out of the "public trough" long enough to get excited about anything , although these two have demonstrated many a time that they never let a good crisis (or photo opp) go to waste. After all is said and done this issue does have a silver lining..... apparently both Democrats and Republicans are fairly united in their outrage over the matter. Who would have thought?

You know what would be really interesting? A quick check of the clothing that these Senators and Congressmen are wearing to see how many are wearing "Made in America" duds versus the cheaper imports on a daily basis. Or maybe check their homes to see how many have American automobiles in their garages versus the imports. Sound like overkill? Of course it is, but it is no more ridiculous than their feigned outrage over the origin of the Olympic uniforms.

Feigned outrage, is all they are displaying. These professional "do-nothing's" fully understand that Team USA is a symbol of American pride and is a great rallying point for the public. So they make a little fuss, garner some free press, and give the impression that they truly care about the outsourcing of jobs and the American worker. Unfortunately, government can not change the fact that American manufacturing jobs have moved overseas, the reality is these jobs did not move for the most part due to any action the government took or did not take. Sure, a little less domestic regulation would be an incentive for companies to manufacture at home. However, manufacturing has moved overseas to bring production costs down in an attempt to make all things available to all consumers. The jobs have moved due to the average consumers buying decisions. The consumer is a fickle creature at best and will switch their allegiance over a few pennies or to follow the latest trend, and never consider the long term consequences. So while the "Average Joe" will applaud their elected officials for "standing up for the American worker", that same consumer will hop in their foreign made car and drive down to Walmart to fill a shopping cart with goods made in China. Go Figure


  1. I think a greater problem than the "Uniform" thing is that the United States even wastes the time, money and effort to participate in these antiquated spectator sports at all.

    I mean who besides some alcohol swill sitting on too fat a rear end on a broken down couch with a pizza in one hand and a remote in the other and who tries to relive youthful glory in the agonies of a bunch of pampered egotists onscreen even cares about Olympics?

    This country has enough financial problems without taking that one one - - - opiate for the masses - - - diversion from the reality of the moment - - who needs it?

    What difference does it make where the uniforms come from?

    Isn't America supposed to be this big supporter of Globalized Free Trade?

  2. Modern governments have learned well from the ancient Romans,when the empire is crumbling provide entertainment via "the games" to take the focus of the masses off the real problems.

    In fact politics in today's world is all about diverting focus from the real issues.....

    Was Obama born American?, How much tax has Romney paid? Did Obama agree with the politics of Jeremiah Wright? What does strapping a dog in his kennel onto the roof of a car say about the character of a potential president?

    The fact remains that the single biggest problems facing America are the economy and the debt, yet birthers are still running around trying to create an issue, and others are more concerned about how much tax Romney paid rather than whether he has the "right stuff " to be President and improve the country.

    It never ceases to amaze me.


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