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Are our leaders fiddling while civilization burns?

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Whoohoo...... The world didnt end

When I initially woke up this morning it took me a moment but something dawned on me, I had in fact woken up...the world was still here.

mayan predictions
My first thought after this realization set in was, Duh...Stupid Mayans.

However once the cobwebs cleared from my head and I was able to think clearly I realized that it was never the Ancient Mayans that foretold the world ending today, they simply predicted the end of a cycle on their long day calendar. It was ill informed doomsayers that incorrectly interpreted the meaning of the Mayan calendar and predicted the end of us all. Duh....Stupid Doomsayers

None the less, even though this appears to have been a false alarm (remember the day is not over yet), maybe we should view it as somewhat of a second chance, a new beginning, so to speak. So moving forward these are some things I personally would like to see take place starting tomorrow.

  1. Politicians who are real down to earth civil servants, not lying, cheating, two faced power hungry individuals more concerned about garnering privilege and prestige than actually benefiting society as a whole. This of course would mean immediate elections, because the vast majority of our current crop of politicians certainly do not in any manner view themselves as or behave like "civil servants".
  2. An end to the general mind set of "self entitlement" currently held by so many in our society who believe that it is the responsibility of others to provide their everyday needs, rather than they themselves taking on the task. Shelter, clothing, food, education, healthcare, transportation, you name it, they expect it through no real effort of their own. Hey! You Occupy Drones this means you!
  3. A bit of respect shown to those who are successful through their own hard work and diligence and some appreciation for the amount of taxes they contribute in "real dollars" to society. Rather than look at these individuals and bemoan how "unfair" it is that they are better off, how about a return to the old self reliant days when the general attitude was "that could be me someday".
  4. A move to ensure all members of society are being treated "fairly", not necessarily "equal" (as currently defined) but fairly. After all we are not all equal, some are smarter, some are more athletic, some are more motivated, and the genders have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Individuals are not born equal, nor should society try to make us all equal, society is not a labour union where by simply paying his weekly dues the lazy slob gets paid the same as his hard working union brother. All individuals should receive the same standard of fair treatment regardless of race, gender, religion, or as of recently "height. Enough of this trend of trying to make everyone "equal" (equally poor, equally stupid, equally lazy, or equally as entitled) by lowering the bar for those that can't reach it. People need to be motivated to strive for self improvement and in turn better their personal standing in society. We need to stop making excuses and exceptions for the lazy, the stupid, and the general underachievers, and worse yet dragging all of society down to the lowest common level. I for one want to excel! So don't stick me in some preordained group that includes the losers squatting in the park.
Now, I could probably continue with this list,  but I think that most of us can agree it presents enough challenges for one day.

On a last note, I was planning on posting this early this morning when I jumped out of bed and realized we were all still here. However if memory serves me right the Mayans are known for their accuracy in calendars, not time keeping, so who knows maybe they got the day right, but the time wrong. So hopefully we are all still here to read this tomorrow.

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