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Friday, December 13, 2013

The blinders are starting to come off.....maybe

It appears that the love affair between President Obama and many of his loyal supporters is going through a shaky period. For the last 5 years in the eyes of many on the Left their savoir Mr Obama could do no wrong, broken campaign promises, stepping outside the Constitution, throwing gas on the fires of bipartisanship, political scandals, or stumbling on foreign policy, none of this seemed to matter to those that drank the Progressive "kool-aid". He was "the man" who would take them to the promised land.

The poor economic performance under his stewardship was defended by his supporters as something he inherited from the previous president, failure to fulfill campaign promises was blamed on an obstructionist Congress, and occasionally when things got really dire for the President the "race card" was pulled out (Thank You, Oprah). To a large degree what allowed this charade to continue was the outright refusal of Liberal media to out this guy and hold his feet to the fire. Obama was given a free pass by traditional print, television, and radio like no President since Kennedy who the press lauded as a "family man" while every reporter who could draw a breath knew he had a revolving door of models and actresses at his beck and call. Now to be fair, Kennedy's era was a gentler, politer time that held a higher respect for the office and man when it came to reporting on the President.  However that time has come and gone, the media has for most segments of society taken the kids gloves off and in today's world little is sacred when it comes to getting a story and boosting ratings. Add to that the explosion of on-line news, blogs, twitter, etc., where nothing political is taboo and one can only wonder in amazement how Obama with his lackluster performance has avoided being tarred and feathered by the press.

So it was a welcome relief this week to see Politifact.com, a generally Left leaning website announced on CNN (another famously Left leaning media outlet) that they were awarding President Obama with their "Lie of the Year" recognition for his often repeated....

"If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it"

Personally, I can't imagine a more deserving recipient but I am still amazed that PolitiFact had the courage or fortitude to come through on this. After all, it was only in June that they had considered the same statement as a "Half Truth" (I can only assume that must be akin to being "sorta pregnant") so naming this mistruth as the "Lie of The Year" is an amazing reversal on their part. It appears that even PolitiFact has had to come to terms with the reality that when you attempt to deny or whitewash a well known fact you only make yourself look foolish and it may eventually destroy your own credibility. Or maybe, just maybe, PolitiFact like the common rat knew when to abandon a sinking ship. One can only hope.

The other positive sign of enlightenment amongst the Left is that President Obama's approval rating has dipped to an all time low of 38%, as many of his traditional supporters are regretting their choice at the
polling station. To make matters even worse for the "Pres", many elected Democrats are starting to shun him in fear that his toxicity may rub off and sink their re-election hopes. Even a President has to deliver and make good on his promises at some point to hold the faith. I guess it was just a matter of time before truth won out and even the most indoctrinated began to see through the spin.  Maybe there is hope for America.


  1. Sounds awfully professional to me. Is this from a script or is this the personal thoughts of the blogger? Just asking. I have heard that some people get paid as much as $2 a post to say stuff like this.

  2. It nice to know that at least one of my readers considers me akin to a "professional writer", but the truth is that I do this simply to put my thoughts on "paper". After all the term "blog" originates fron the phrase "web log" which referred to a place on the web where an individual would post their thoughts and opinions.

    Frankly, at $2 a post it would be a tough way way to make a living or a lot of work for little money as I have posted just over one hundred articles on this blog over a period of two plus years.

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  4. I have been especially unhappy with the current illegal immigration situation here in the States. It sometimes seem the administration has turned a blind eye to the many criminal elements crossing our borders.

    The soveriegnty-robbing TPP trade agreement hasn't been a source of joy to me either.

    These are some of the reasons I am attempting to move away from being a rabid loyalist to the exclusively Liberal cause and trying to be more independent.

    1. It would appear that many former supporters of the current administration are now becoming disillusioned with the way things are going. With no need to worry about re-election the president is free to pursue his true agenda. It is obvious he will not be happy until America is no longer the strong, free, independent nation it has been for nearly a quarter millennium.

      Common sense would dictate that every illegal immigrant that is employed in America is taking a job an American citizen could fill, yet the current administration with its progressive thinking seems to be okay with that concept. For years I have been a strong believer in closing the borders, yet I am told it is not doable, or it is too expensive, or I am given a host of other reasons. A recent study indicated that the average family of illegal aliens cost the nation over $24,000 per year in services provided. Assuming that there are over 11 Million illegal aliens in the nation and the average size of their families is 5 people, that equates to 2.2 Million families. Do the math and tell me there that building a wall to close the border is to expensive.

      When your basement is flooding due to a broken pipe the first priority is not discussing renovations after the cleanup, it stopping the the leak.

    2. and it has been my experience that nobody in their right mind ever sets out the sugar bowl for the cockroaches.
      What The United States has to do in 2016 is make sure they do not repeat their mistakes of 2000 and 2008. --But it looks to me like there aren't all that many reasonable or trustworthy choices out there because no matter who the politician is, once they get a taste of the "Washington" lifestyle and are "Initiated" into the millieu, they change ..... and the change is rarely for the better. ---- I have gotten to the point now where it is difficult indeed to believe anything any politician has to say --- http://americanliberaltimes.com


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