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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It was just too good to be true.... Occupy Vancouver.

Just when it appeared there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, that our elected officials might actually make some headway in removing the Occupy Drones from public parks and private property, our court system steps in to protect the legal rights of those breaking the law. Apparently two drug overdoses ( one resulting in death) on the Occupy Vancouver site are not enough to legally remove the the Occupy Drones who are trespassing on private property.

As of yesterday a B.C. Supreme Court judge has delayed for a week the City of Vancouver's attempt to get an injunction to shut down the Occupy Vancouver protest site outside the downtown art gallery. However the judge did grant the City of Vancouver an interim order to enforce the immediate removal from the tent city site of all flammable liquids used as fuels as well as all tarps and tents that have been cited by the city as a fire hazard. Well on a positive note that will hopefully prevent them from burning down the art gallery.

Occupy Drones told the judge there's no need for an enforcement order because they will co-operate in the spirit of "good faith, and peaceful respect."  Let me get this straight, we have a group who by the very act of trespassing are flaunting the law, however they assure us that legal enforcement is not required as they like to show "good faith and peaceful respect". In fact they go a step further by suggesting that any attempt of "enforcement" will only result in confrontation, so the underlying message is that they plan to do what they will regardless of any legal ruling. Food for thought....Is this not the same group who physically "took over and occupied" four Vancouver banks?

But the Drones do say they no longer recognize the authority of city officials on the site because they're on Coast Salish land (explain this one to me....please) and said they will only speak with representatives from the federal government.

Now here are some news bits that bring to light the nature of some of the Occupy Drones....

Occupy Vancouver - Police Chief Jim Chu alleged two of his officers were "bitten by demonstrators" (maybe I have it all wrong, they are not Drones, maybe they are flesh eating Zombies!) and one officer had the magazine clip for his gun stolen when a scuffle broke out between the police and firefighters trying to extinguish a barrel fire and some Occupy Drones who wanted to keep it lit.

Occupy Victoria -  A Drone was coaxed out of a tree earlier this week and taken to hospital for treatment of possible mental health problems. The man could face one count of assault for allegedly pouring urine over a city worker who was attempting to remove a bike that the protester had also tied to the branches of the tree. Maybe this Drone was just following the fine example set by one of his fellow Occupy Drones in New York City who defecated on a NYPD vehicle.

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