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Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Vancouver being evicted, all it took was a death.

This certainly adds to the
beauty of Downtown Vancouver
It appears that the Occupy Vancouver had its second drug overdose just days ago, unlike the first one this one proved fatal. Following the news of 23-year-old Ashlie Gough's death, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said Occupy protesters would be forced to vacate as soon as possible. He said it's clear the encampment is no longer safe and has to go. "When lives are lost, we clearly have to take steps," Robertson told reporters. "I have directed the city manager to expedite the appropriate steps to end the encampment as soon as possible."

But the protesters say it they won't give up the premises ( the Vancouver Art Gallery grounds) easy.
"No, we will not agree to go peacefully, shut down," said a protest organizer identified only as Kiki. "As we said in our press statement... we will be here and you can expect us."'Disgusting political opportunism'

Demonstrators like Sasha Wiley argue the death is just one of many that happen across the city everyday.

Well, here is where I have to step in, first off Sasha I would suggest that just based on the number of criminal offenses that have been reported with the Occupy camps that the per capita rates of crime are much higher at these locations. Think about it, every occupier is by default committing the crime of trespassing so we have a 100% rate on that one. Next we can talk about drug abuse, lets just look at the 2 overdoses made public on the occupy Vancouver grounds, if we just suppose that say 300 occupiers are trespassing on the grounds  and that both overdoses occurred within 30 days, that means that the occupy site has a rate of 6.66 overdoses per 1000 every month. Based on the fact that the Greater Vancouver Regional District has a population of  2.25 million the overdose rate would have to be 14,985 per month! Yes, I realize that we are looking at a very small sampling in the case of Occupy Vancouver, but none the less Sasha should check her numbers. I did and it turns out the number of "residents" occupying  the Art Gallery front lawn in Vancouver is actually closer to 100, not 300! So my math above is actually off a bit.

What is really interesting is the continued reports that are emerging that Occupy protesters are intentionally not reporting crimes that occur within encampments in an effort to protect the "reputation" of the cause. Incidents of sexual assault in the tent and sleeping bag cities of the Occupy gatherings are allegedly much higher than official police numbers would indicate, as protesters are instructed to make complaints to location organizers, rather than uniformed law enforcement. For those that doubt this statement here is just one example but it does clearly illustrate the mind set of the Occupy Drones!

These people continue to amuse me, first in Canada they have no real reason for gathering, other than it is the trendy thing to do. Most of the reasons that the original Occupy Wallstreet crowd gave for gathering just don't hold water here in Canada. Our banks did not crash, there were no massive foreclosures on homes, our government didn't have to bail out financial institutions, etc. Yes, I know the Canadian government stepped in to prop up the auto manufacturers, however the bulk of that money has already been repaid to the government. That's not to say I agree with the government, just that there isn't much weight behind the reasons the Occupy Drones in Canada give for protesting (trespassing). Now, by the time you toss in the cradle to grave social programs we have here in Canada whats left to gripe about?

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