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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Political Correctness, It just never ends

With Halloween just past and everyone packing away costumes until next year, here is something to bear in mind. It appears that the your choice of costume may have the potential to offend some and even worst, brand you as a "racist".

A campaign by Ohio University's Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS) focuses on Halloween and features posters incorporating statements such as  "We're a culture, not a costume.", "This is not who I am, and this is not okay". Students of various ethnic backgrounds are shown holding up photos of people wearing blackface, dressed up as natives, Geisha girls, or depicting "terrorists.

I am as much against racism and intolerance as the next guy, however there is a huge difference between bigotry and a child, student, or adult dressing up as a Geisha Girl or native (oops, sorry I should have said "First Nations" member). I will agree that "blackface" is crossing the line and not something I would encourage or defend.

Unfortunately in today's culture of political correctness we have to ensure that we make everyone, and all minority or special interest groups feel good about themselves and their culture, even if it means eroding our culture in doing so. As a born and raised Canadian I often feel that my culture is pushed to the back and trampled on in the process to ensure that no individual from any group feels slighted.

"Come On, Frustrated Joe we have to make this individuals feel welcome in Canada"
Yes we do, but not at the expense of reinventing our society and culture as a whole. Our culture has been described as a mixing pot, and that is a good thing, however we all need to mix, and unless something is outright racist, prejudice, or bias against a particular group, everyone needs to chill out a bit.

At one time the red uniform and brown ranger hat of the RCMP was recognized worldwide and was a Canadian icon, one that had stood the test of time for over 100 years, Mounties were featured on travel brochures, postcards, you name it. The Mountie in his uniform was to Canada what the Statue of Liberty is to America. Unfortunately, standing the test of time provide little if any defense against political correctness. In 1989 the first cracks appeared when Sikhs who became Mounties were allowed to replace the traditional brown hat with a turban. At a later date "First Nations" officers were allowed to wear braids.

I know, small changes to the uniform are just that small changes, but the fact remains that it always tends to be our culture and traditions that need to compromise to satisfy others, now even Halloween is slipping away. What's next? Zombies, Accident Victims, Ghosts, Soldiers, Vampires, Old People,..... Don't laugh, I am sure that  a case could be made that dressing like an accident victim makes fun of the seriously injured, or a soldier glorifies war, or heaven forbid we mock the aged.

On a last note, here's a classic example of political correctness in action. A friend of mine related this story to me recently, one day she was watching her young grandchildren chase each other around the back yard. After watching them for a while she realized that there was more structure to their play that simply running about so she asked one of them " What are you kids playing?"

Her young granddaughter looked up at her and replied "Grandma we're playing Cowboys and First Nations"

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