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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The priveleged few and their view from above .....

It is amazing how many of the entertainment industries elite have thrown their support behind the occupy movement and taken the time to discuss the injustices found in America. We have seen the likes of Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore speaking in interviews and actually walking amongst the common man at Occupy camps. The fact that these celebrities are themselves the poster children for capitalism and the American way seems to escape their notice and in most cases that of the Occupy drones who seem to bask in the attention of the rich and famous.

So now we have Miley Cyrus jumping aboard the Occupy train and making sure she gets her free ride to fame. In an updated video and remix of her song "It's a Liberty Walk" Miley has thrown her support behind the Occupy Movement. In Mileys own words....
"This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in," so writes the privileged child of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who in her short life clearly defines the phrase "born with a silver spoon". While fast-paced footage of demonstrators flashes on the screen, she sings, "It's a liberty walk, walk. Say goodbye to the people who tied you up...Free yourself, slam the door, not a prisoner anymore."

I can understand that Miley would sympathize with the Occupy Drones, Miley also has a history of standing up for what she personally believes in, fame, money, partying, exploitation of minors (or has anyone forgot the racy photos in Vanity Fair she posed for as a 15 year old to self-promote),etc.  Funny enough she released this video on the day she turned 19, the same day in fact that her birthday bash was held at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel featuring a live unicorn ( rumors are it was just a plain old horse with a horn attached) and guests such as Kelly Osbourne ( another socially responsible individual). Apparently the party went until 3:00 am although there is no word how many of the Occupy movement received invitations. Apparently Miley who has a personal net worth of over $120 million dollars must like the idea of wealth redistribution, maybe she could lead by example.

Speaking of leading by example, Rosanne Barr (yeah that Rosanne) recently commented during an interview that anyone earning over $100 Million should give the "excess" back, or face beheading. That's very generous of Rosanne to allow these individuals to keep $100 Million of their own earnings, I wonder how she arrived at that figure. I don't imagine that it has anything to do with her own personal net worth sitting someplace around $80 Million (just slightly below the figure required to lose one's head)? Here's a video of Rosanne, doing what she does best, making a complete buffoon of herself.

Notice that the original news clip is from "Russia Today"  I guess she must have a following amongst the Russian people (a nation that has a firm grasp on the concept of democracy and personal freedom). I was going to toss in the classic video of Rosanne singing the American National Anthem, but I don't want to intentionally chase my readers away. Ahhh...... what the heck here it is ....enjoy

After viewing the above two videos I suspect that one of the reasons Rosanne is not worth $100 Million is simple, her plastic surgeon has become a very rich man off of her.

On a last note, do either of these two boneheads realize that they are in fact part of the 1% that the Occupy drones have so much disdain for? Maybe they could truly show their support by letting some of the Occupy trespassers who have finally been evicted from public property squat on the front lawns of there homes for a while.

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