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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's in a name? you decide....

When I caught wind of this story I thought for a moment that it was a parody of some kind written by an individual whose was less than open minded and looking to write something derogatory about Muslims, seriously I did.

Apparently we have a German mother of Muslim belief who has just named her newborn "Jihad", a name that is certain to draw attention and cause the child grief in years to come. Although “Jihad” is a term in Arabic that translates to the noun “struggle.” Most people in today's world are more familiar with the term "Jihad" as
used by radical Islam militants when justifying their actions against "nonbelievers" whom they rage a holy war against. The choice of such a name is an odd one if not downright foolish in a nation such as Germany. Why?

Germany has the largest population of Muslims of any country in Europe, some 3.5 million with about 80% of them not holding German citizenship. This has led to tension between Germany's citizens and it's growing immigrant population. Needless to say, naming a Muslim baby "Jihad" is not akin to extending an olive branch or attempting to fit into a society, a better comparison might be "throwing gas on a fire".

The child was born to Elfi Yaghi, and makes child number 14 for the 40 year old mother. "Jihad" weighed in at birth at 13 lbs, making him the heaviest  naturally born baby in German history, the mother herself weighs in at a staggering 528 lbs and suffered from gestational diabetes during the pregnacy. I have not been able to find too much information about the mother herself, like say maybe what she does for a living to support her sizable family..... However as she weighs in at over 500 lbs combined with the fact she has 14 children to care for I would imagine that her career opportunities may be somewhat limited.

They say children are born innocent, with no prejudices or hatred, no religion or preconceived notions. Unfortunately with the name this mother has chosen for her newborn she has taken a major step to determine the path he takes in life, I don't suspect it will be an easy one.

One can only imagine what moronic sense of righteousness possessed this woman to do this to her child, was she was attempting to make a statement, or maybe impress her neighbours. Possibly she is a Johnny Cash fan ("A Boy Named Sue") and believes that providing the child with the name she chose will make him stronger, or maybe she is just plain stupid and has been living in a cave! Whatever her reasoning the child will undoubtedly pay the price in years to come.

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