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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rehabiltate Terrorists? Not likely but maybe there is a way to safeguard innocents

For those that argue terrorists are simply downtrodden individuals fighting against oppression and for a better way of life or that they have been forced into their actions by outside forces, give your head a shake!

Recently a Gaza suicide bomber serving a 14 year prison term was released from Israelly prison as part of a prisoner exchange. The would-be suicide bomber who failed in her past attempt to kill Israelis by exploding herself in a hospital proudly declared that she would do it all over again (next time she hopes successfully) just to “taste and smell paradise.”.

It's interesting that at one time suicide bombings were largely left to men, However Yasser Arafrat worked hard to change that and bring women into the fold. This would be the same Yasser Arafrat that took home a Nobel Peace prize! Find this hard to believe, well here is a quote from the man himself

“You are my army of roses that will crush Israeli tanks.” – Yasser. Arafat, encouraging Palestinian women to participate in the al-Aqsa. Intifada, 2002.

But lets get back to our lady in question, here is a video of her being interviewed after her release, judge for yourself.

So the question is ...... How do rehabilitate or educate an individual who has been so brainwashed and harbors such hate? Personally I don't believe it is possible, this mindset is introduced at a very young age and as part of a religious doctrine. Both of these actions make it difficult to break the cycle.

However maybe there is a possible solution and it is brought to us from most unlikely of place, the automobile industry.Watch this next video and give it some thought....

But seriously, all kidding aside, to watch an individual expound on the glory of killing herself and as many others as possible at the same time should be an eye opener for anyone who whines about the Israels treatment of the Palestinians, or their blockades and tight border security.  If you paid attention to the first interview you should have noted that this woman is attending school with the hopes of becoming a journalist. I would have to guess that if she ever makes it we are in for some truly "unbiased" reporting, you think?

In the meantime I suspect there is no one volunteering to sit next to her in class (those wishing to finish their education will probably find a seat outside of the "blast radius"), as well if she ever does become a journalist I suspect the list of applicants for the job as her cameraman might be very short. From what I can see the job may not have a long future....

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