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Sunday, January 8, 2012

According To Jim, sadly not a sitcom but reality TV

I read with interest the statements made in late 2011 by Jim Flahery, our Federal Finance Minister. According to Jim (wait a moment, isn't that the name of a sitcom?), due to the weak economy federal revenues are less than expected, this in turn will result in a delay in balancing the budget. Now, According to Jim ( hehe...) the earliest the annual Federal deficit of approximately $31 billion will be eliminated is 2015/2016. Well Jim, although I am not a Finance Minister or even a sitting Member of Parliament, might I suggest a simpler more immediate solution to the deficit.

Around my house when the revenues coming in fall short of the expenditures going out, our solution (as simple as it seems) is to cutback on our spending. We have had to institute this solution a number of times over the years and strangely it has worked each and every time. Being just a lowly taxpayer I don't fully comprehend why it works, but I know it does as I have seen it.

Surely the Federal Government could set up a Royal Commission, possibly fund a group of mathematicians or even a University to study the reason behind this phenomenon and see if could be duplicated and applied at the Federal level. Just imagine where this could lead if the research proved that the elimination of a deficit by simply reducing spending is more than just a coincidence or a fluke, that it can be made to work in real life. Maybe we could with time see it implemented by other levels if government! But I am getting ahead of myself, if it was that simple the smart folks who we have placed so much trust in thru our electoral process would have thought of it years ago.

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